Call for papers

Call for papers


The Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis is seeking researchers, who are able to contribute to the work of the institute through policy research papers or policy briefs; analyzing public policies in Morocco. The topics include, issues around the political and democratic transformations of Morocco, the reform and modernization of the public administration, economic development, education reform, new social movements, Islamic currents and other current political issues.

The institute accepts submissions in both Arabic and English, it will translate the papers once published in their original language in the other working language. After the publication of the article on the institute’s website and on social media, it will be widely distributed to the national newspapers as well as the local and international research organizations, in addition to policymakers, experts, local and international researchers.

The Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis, relies on specific standards and conditions for

publication. You can read about them in the following link:

It is expected of the researchers to follow the guide on writing policy briefs that the institute prepared for this call, found here:

The institute provides a financial reward to the researcher, post publication of his or her paper, the value of which is determined by internal policies of the institute as follows:

  • 1000 Dirhams for short papers: (Circa 1500 words)
  • 1500 Dirhams for short papers: (Circa 1500 – 3000 words)
  • 2000 Dirhams for long papers :(3000 words and beyond)

If interested, send a brief draft and outline of 500 words, as well as your resume/CV to the following email address: or to Mr. Rachid Aourraz at the following :

The MIPA team will follow up the drafting and editing of the article with the researcher.

Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis

MIPA is a non-profit independent research institution based in Rabat, Morocco. Founded by a group of transdisciplinary researchers, MIPA’s mission is to produce systematic and in-depth analysis of relevant policy issues that lead to new and innovative ideas for solving some of the most pressing issues relating to democracy.


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