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Dr. Hind Idrissi currently holds the position of a cybersecurity professor at the University Sultan Moulay Slimane in Morocco, alongside her roles as a consultant and trainer in the same field. She received her PhD in Computer Sciences and Information Security from the University of La Rochelle in France and obtained her master’s degree specialized in Cryptography and Information Security (CRYPTIS) from the University of Limoges in France. Dr. Idrissi served as a Post-Doctoral Researcher within the Insight Center for Data Analytics at University College Cork (Ireland) for an extensive period of nearly three years. Furthermore, she has fulfilled positions as a visiting scholar and teaching assistant at various institutions. Dr. Idrissi has authored numerous research papers and book chapters, while maintaining membership in multiple esteemed research organizations. Her involvement extends beyond research, as she actively engages in endeavors aimed at raising cybersecurity awareness, leadership and citizenship education. Her research interests within cyber realm include cryptography, privacy-enhancing technologies, Cloud and IoT, Blockchain, Identity and Access Management and artificial Intelligence.
Cybersecurity in Morocco: between achievements and challenges

While Morocco has made significant strides in cybersecurity, it continues to face ongoing challenges in combating cyber threats. The evolving nature of cyber-attacks necessitates constant adaptation, conformity with international context and investment in technological solutions, human resources, national and international cooperation to ensure a robust cybersecurity posture.