Loukili Youness

Loukili Youness

He is a research Professor at the University Institute for Scientific Research, University of Mohammed V, Rabat. He specializes in the sociology of Islam. He also works on anthropology of health and disease, and the sociology of health emergencies. He edited and published numerous studies and books, the most recent of which are: “Understanding Religious Extremism: Ideology, Social Cases, and Attempts to Moderation” (2017), and “French Anthropology: Studies and Reviews in the Legacy of Émile Durkheim and Marcel Moss” (2018), and “Preventive health measures as a political and social matter in the context of Covid-19 in Morocco” (2020). Moreover, he will soon publish a book, "Anthropology of Healing: Roquia and the Conflict of Patterns of Religion" (2021).

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