ResearchThe War on Gaza Must Be Stopped


The War on Gaza Must Be Stopped

Since its establishment in 2017, the Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis has been committed to the principles of human rights that seek to uphold the values of justice, freedom, and equality as fundamental pillars of the international system. We, at the Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis, are deeply concerned about the Israeli war on Gaza, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians, especially children and women. This aggression against civilians in Gaza has led, according to major international human rights organizations, to the commission of war crimes and constitutes a collective punishment against unarmed citizens deprived of their fundamental rights. It also severely threatens the stability of the Middle East, North Africa, and regional and international security.

The stifling blockade on Gaza by the Israeli occupation since 2006, and which constitutes a clear violation of basic human rights, stands as a fundamental cause of the situation we are witnessing today. The recent war has exacerbated the suffering of civilians to an unbearable extent by cutting off water, electricity, fuel, and the internet for Gaza’s residents. Moreover, they have been denied their right to food due to the closure of border crossings and have been stripped of access to healthcare through the targeting of hospitals and preventing the wounded and the sick from obtaining necessary medications. These actions are grave violations of international and humanitarian laws, including the Geneva Conventions and human rights laws.

This type of violence not only demonstrates a lack of respect for justice and human rights for the Palestinian people but also constitutes a provocation that could potentially destabilize the entire Middle East. Additionally, indiscriminate and ongoing attacks can lead to the emergence of new waves of extremism and violence in the region.


Furthermore, the Israeli military forces follow a policy of silencing the truth by targeting journalists and obstructing media coverage of on-the-ground events. This, in turn, allows for war crimes and crimes against humanity, with the perpetrators potentially evading accountability, both now and in the future.

Based on these facts, we affirm the following:

  • We condemn the military operations and collective punishment policies carried out by Israel against the Palestinian people.
  • We strongly denounce the unconditional Western support for the Israeli military campaign, and we consider it an injustice and distortion of the facts. We highlight that biased media coverage contributes to distorting the truth and encourages further aggression and crimes.
  • We condemn forced displacement, which is prohibited by international laws and falls under the categories of war crimes and collective genocide. Israel’s objective in forcibly displacing the people of Gaza, compelling them to leave their lands and properties and seek refuge in camps in other countries, is in violation of these laws.
  • We call for a comprehensive and transparent international investigation into the violations that have characterized this military operation, including war crimes and crimes against humanity, and for the imposition of appropriate sanctions against the perpetrators of these crimes.
  • We urge civil society and grassroots movements to exert pressure on decision-makers to halt the Israeli ruthless war machine and initiate an international campaign in support of the rights of Palestinian citizens in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, refugee camps, and in the diaspora.
  • We reiterate our call to the international community to work towards a peaceful and just solution that guarantees the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people, with the right to self-determination and sovereignty over their land at the forefront.

The resolution of the Palestinian cause cannot be achieved without ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and establishing an independent Palestinian state committed to attain justice and dignity for the Palestinian people.


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