Economic DevelopmentResearchCybersecurity in Morocco: between achievements and challenges

Hind Idrissi 6 days ago
While Morocco has made significant strides in cybersecurity, it continues to face ongoing challenges in combating cyber threats. The evolving nature of cyber-attacks necessitates constant adaptation, conformity with international context and investment in technological solutions, human resources, national and international cooperation to ensure a robust cybersecurity posture.

Foreign PolicyResearchMorocco and the War in Gaza: The Dilemma of Principles and Interests

Said Saddiki 2 weeks ago
Morocco will face a real challenge in reaching an appropriate balance between the principled commitment to support Palestinian rights, the interests of Morocco arising from the Tripartite Declaration, and the widespread popular sympathy for the Palestinian cause among the Moroccan people, if the war continues for a more extended period.

Foreign PolicyResearchMorocco, Brazil: unshakable Relations

Nyabi El Mokhtar 4 months ago
The ascendance of the left to power in Brazil once again will not undermine Moroccan-Brazilian relations, owing to the historical, cultural, and economic bonds that intertwine these two nations.