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The Project “Open University for Citizenship” aims at empowering the marginalized communities to increase their awareness and engagement on civic and public policy issues, thereby achieving more direct democracy. A diverse network of partners will engage in awareness campaigns, trainings, the production of innovative tools, and the mentoring of advocacy initiatives of Moroccan citizens. These actions will target youth, women, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) specifically, as these populations are systematically excluded from political life and face supplementary challenges when engaging in civic participation.

By acknowledging and supporting citizens’ active role in society, the Project will ultimately contribute to the reinforcement of Morocco’s institutions. the Project aims at engaging in meaningful and inclusive actions through several activities.
The activities of the project will be implemented in different regions (to be determined), and each event will require a different media coverage as explained in the table in DELIVERABLES.
MIPA’s objective is to assure media coverage of the activities that will be under the OUC program
MIPA is inviting proposals from reputable and qualified service providers with a track record of success in covering similar activities and producing videos and photo albums for its project “Open University for Citizenship”.


Deliver all the videos recorded
Make a video best of (include table)
Album Photos
Ensure live streaming of activities
Media coverage of CEF Civic Education Forum

The list of activities is as follows:

Name of Activities Number of activities Type of service
Civic Education Forum 2 Online streaming, full album, one best-off video
Civic Education 101 2 A full album, one best-off video
Cafe Politico 8 Recording of 8 series
Parallel Youth Councils 2 A full album, one best-off video

Each Activity requires different services that will be detailed in the final service agreement.

If you have the required qualifications and are interested in this contract, please submit:
• A portfolio of previous work of Album photos, videos, and live streaming;
• CVs of the project’s team;
• A financial proposal to address the work.
The lump-sum fee which you propose for the consultancy should indicate the breakdown of all costs. This fee should be inclusive of ALL considerations.

Please submit proposals to with the subject line: Media Coverage of the activities of the (Open University for Citizenship)

P.S: All questions regarding this TOR must be submitted to (with,,, and in copy).


MIPA Institute

MIPA is a non-profit independent research institution based in Rabat, Morocco. Founded by a group of transdisciplinary researchers, MIPA’s mission is to produce systematic and in-depth analysis of relevant policy issues that lead to new and innovative ideas for solving some of the most pressing issues relating to democracy.

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